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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to cook at my house?
Yes,  state health regulations require personal chefs to prepare your meals in your home kitchen.  I do have access to a commercial kitchen for special cases at an extra cost, e.g., recovering surgery patient, new born baby...

Do I need to be home on my cook day?
Most of my clients are busy working people just like you.  After our initial consultation I rarely see them!  As a member of the United States Personal Chef Association I adhere to a strict code of ethics and have all of the required insurance.

Do I need to provide the cooking equipment?
Your chef will bring all of the equipment necessary on your cook day,  including spices and containers.  All we need is clean sink, counter top and some refrigerator space for you food.

How often do you come to my house?
Unlike other personal chefs,  we don't require you to sign a long term contract.  You may use our service as often or as infrequently as you like.  All we need is to know when you need us seven days in advance to assure you get on our schedule.  We put the "Personal" back into Personal Chef Service!

Seems a little pricey to me,  is it worth it?
Try this formula to help decide:
Grocery Cost, 2 weeks $__________
Dining Out, 2 weeks    $__________

Considering that you will save at least 10 hours per week not having to plan, shop for or cook dinner it's not a bad deal.  Don't forget the pots and pans you don't need to wash, and the vegetables that didn't survive.  That should save some cash(and could help save the planet).  Compare your figure to the personal chef service and think of what you would do in your spare time. 

Note: Don't think that I am getting rich at your expense.  The grocery cost average 33%, add 33% for Uncle Sam (taxes) plus auto and office expenses it doesn't leave much!